Friday, May 13, 2011

Cold can cause back pain!

So I've been having a slightly sore back for a while, maybe a week. I didn't think much of it because it was at the most annoying and it wouldn't bother me that much so I just ignored it. I was thinking it was probably my awfully soft bed (though most comfortable!) but probably not too good for the spine...possibly.
Then yesterday afternoon I went to the gym and all of a sudden it became more than just a nuisance and was becoming really a hindrance to my workout and posture, I had a slight problem straightening my body! But it was still manageable so I finished my workout and then met a friend for drinks, I had an ice-blended drink - big mistake! And it was also raining heavily so the weather wasn't helping. I started having runny nose and next thing I know I have a cold and awful back pain!
My question is, whether the sore back a few days before was a sign or was it just a coincidence? But it was no coincidence that it suddenly became really painful when I had full blown flu. So I looked it up on the net and guess what? Tons of people had the same symptoms! A lot of people apparently have lower back pain when they have a cold! Some too panadol and others painkillers but generally they seem to not work that well, a few suggested having a hot water bottle pressed against the area to alleviate the pain and it worked for me...while the water bottle was hot, but this morning when I woke up the pain was still there, though after stretching a bit and loosening my back up it's slightly better but I still can't make sudden movements. It's amazing how fragile our bodies are if you think about it, it feels like I've suddenly aged 40 years!

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